.40 S&W Brass- Range Pick-Up – 400 Pieces – Includes Priority Shipping


.40S&W brass casings – range pick-up – approximately 400 pieces.  Price includes  USPS Priority Shipping.

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Product Description

.40 S&W brass casings – range pick-up – approximately 400 pieces

This is unprocessed range pick-up brass.  .40S&W mixed headstamps.  It has been wet tumbled only to remove dirt and grime.  Additional processing may be required.

No guarantee or warranty expressed or implied.  This product is previously fired brass casings only. We make no claims as to the suitability of this product for any purpose. The end user accepts all responsibility regarding fitness and use of this product.

Approximately 400 pieces.  There may be a few other calibers included as this is RANGE PICK-UP discarded brass casings.  Steel and aluminum cases have been removed.  Some brass may have military crimped primers.


This price includes USPS Priority Shipping.