RULES – 5K Run-N-Gun

The race will  start at the barn just west of 1572 County Rd. 1490 Ninnekah, OK 73067  [34.855030, -97.832144]  The race start location will be clearly marked.

Camping location will be announced soon.

Registration will open at 0700 and closing at 0830.

Safety Briefing begins at 0830.  ALL COMPETITORS SHOULD BE READY TO RACE AT 0900.

The 5K course will have both natural and man-made obstacles.  There is about 300′ of elevation change over the course.  Obstacles will include an 8′ wall-climb, used tire mountain, dry creek beds, tunnels (crawl not required), dense forest and shoreline.

Do not move, remove, or cross ANY fencing except at marked crossings.

Anyone accessing any part of the event course MUST have a spectator or competitor access pass.  Nobody may access ANY part of course property except on the designated course. Failure to follow the designated course may take you into the impact area of a hot range!!!  Anyone accessing any part of the designated course without proper credentials will not be covered by the event insurance and will be held personally and financially liable for any accident or injury.

There will be four shooting stations for the event.  Recommended round count is 125 Rifle / 125 Pistol .

Commercially available pistol caliber carbines allowed.

Targets may range from point-blank to 400 meters (+/-). BRING ENOUGH GUN!

Course of fire will include knock down targets calibrated for either 115gr 9mm handgun, or 55gr FMJ 5.56 carbine (16″barrel).

SHARING FIREARMS AND OTHER GEAR. Competitors may share firearms and move as a group.  Individual times will be kept and no additional wait time will be allowed for competitors sharing gear.  Each competitor must carry their own ammo, hydration and personal equipment.  Only Firearms may be shared.  Any individual equipment used on any stage must be carried by the competitor.

AMMUNITION:  Only lead, lead-core FMJ, SP, HP, OT or frangible ammunition allowed.  Steel-core, armor-piercing, incendiary, and tracer rounds are PROHIBITED.  This includes 5.56 green-tip.  Any competitor found using prohibited ammunition shall be disqualified and not entitled to any refund or prizes.

COLD RIFLES ONLY:  During any non-shooting phase of the competition ALL rifles must be unloaded and have empty chamber.  Competitors may close bolts and dust covers.  Competitors may use and EMPTY and DISABLED, Clearly Identified, magazine to keep debris out of magwells. Competitors wanting to do this must present disabled mag during race registration.  Mag will be marked with tape, inspected and signed by a race official.  These will be the only mags allowed to in rifles at any point, other than a firing station.  Competitors must show empty (or disabled) mag and clear chamber at arrival and before departure of each shooting station, or whenever requested by any Event Official.

RETENTION HOLSTERS:  Competitors must use a retention holster that covers and protects the trigger and retains the pistol by mechanical methods.  Some obstacles will require cold pistols in the interest of safety.  There will notification approximately 50 meters before any obstacle requiring cold pistols.

Gear List

Center Fire Rifle
Center-Fire Pistol
125 Rifle Rounds
125 Pistol Rounds.
Mag Pouches/Chest Rig
Knee/Elbow pads
IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit)
Insect repellent


Closest motels are in Chickasha, or Lindsay.  About 20 minutes away.  KAYAK.COM shows 6 or 7 chain motels.  Hampton Inn is the newest in Chickasha and Best Western is the newest in Lindsay.  Reservations are recommend as there are lots of out-of-state oil field workers constantly coming through.